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Each year, the CAJ’s national conference brings together journalists from across the country for two days of professional development workshops and panel discussions—not to mention a healthy dose of networking and making friends! This year we dive deep into how the idea of community is wholly intertwined within journalism’s DNA.  

This year’s CAJ conference takes place May 3-5 at the Radisson Hotel in downtown Winnipeg. Travel and accommodation discounts available here

We will be joined by Bettina Chang, one of the co-founders of Chicago-based City Bureau. She will give a keynote address on how her upstart organization is re-imagining local news by bringing journalists and communities together.

Ramon Escobar, vice president of recruitment at CNN will tell us how they’re tackling newsroom diversity and the challenges faced along the way.

As always, the CAJ will be continuing its tradition of offering delegates hands-on workshops lead by masters of their craft including: 

CAJ19 brings you panel discussions and hands-on workshops from industry pros including:

Angela Sterritt 

Cheryl McKenzie

Fred Vallance-Jones

Jana Pruden

Jesse Brown

Julian Sher

Sunny Dhillon

Tamara Baluja


Full speaker list here.

Sessions will dig into the essentials of local news reporting, self-care, narrative writing and data journalism. 

So whether you're a fresh-faced new grad, or a long-time staff reporter; a news entrepreneur, or a freelance writer and editor, we are certain you will return home with fresh perspectives on the role journalists can play in a democratic society.