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In The Field: The Legacy of Land in North Preston

 Untitled: The Legacy of Land in North Preston, is an investigative web project produced by second-year journalism students at the Nova Scotia Community College. It takes a look at the issue of land title in the historic Black community of North Preston and the stunning fact that many people t...

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In The Field: The Unremembered

This account describes the efforts it took Globe and Mail reporters to obtain a more complete picture of suicides of Afghanistan war veterans who fought in a combat that officially began in late 2001 and ended in March of 2014.    Standing at a kitchen counter in a home not far from th...

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2018 is a milestone year for the CAJ

Dear CAJ supporters, Before 2017, few of us might have guessed we'd see a sitting U.S. president retweet a doctored video of himself wrestling a news organization to the ground. But that bizarre, dangerous, joke of a tweet, which incited violence against journalists, symbolized what was o...

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Niagara Region’s violation of press freedom is inexcusable: CAJ

OTTAWA / Dec. 8, 2017 / CNW — Ontario’s Niagara Region became the most recent municipal government to violate a journalist’s freedom to report the news at city council. Municipality officials confiscated a reporter’s notes and equipment during an in-camera session of council...

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Call for entries for the 2017 CAJ Awards

It’s with pleasure that the Canadian Association of Journalists invites entries for its annual awards program — which includes Canada’s top investigative award, the Don McGillivray Award. The application deadline for the CAJ Awards is Jan. 15, 2018. Click here to submit an entry ...

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New journalism award responds to TRC call to action

OTTAWA, Dec. 4, 2017 /CNW/ - Aboriginal Peoples Television Network and the Canadian Association of Journalists are pleased to announce a new award to recognize exemplary journalism that educates and informs Canadians about Indigenous experiences. The APTN / CAJ Reconciliation Award will be part...

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In The Field: Jason Markusoff

Jason Markusoff describes the race to get the story, and the measures taken to sneak into the fire-ravaged community — days before the official media tour.   Maclean's wasn't there the day flames invaded Fort McMurray and everybody evacuated the city; given our newsroom's size, we...

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Canada's most secretive provincial ministry: Saskatchewan Highways and Infrastructure

TORONTO / Nov. 29 / CNW — The Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure is the 2017 recipient of the Code of Silence Award for Outstanding Achievement in Government Secrecy in the category of provincial government ministries and agencies.  The award is given annually by The Ca...

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Postmedia/Torstar local newspaper deal is cynical and destructive: CAJ

OTTAWA / Nov. 27, 2017 / CNW / — The message Postmedia and Torstar sent when they swapped community newspapers in Ontario was succinct: local journalism is not a priority at either company, said the Canadian Association of Journalists. “Postmedia and Torstar pretend to support thriving ...

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In The Field: Abigail Bimman

When I first called Park Lane Terrace to inquire about an unregistered nurse working on staff, the administrator scoffed at me. “That’s not true ... All of our staff are registered,” I was told. Abigail Bimman describes how she ended up alerting long-term care facilities to a...

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Each year, the CAJ’s national conference brings together journalists from across the country for two days of professional development workshops and panel discussions—not to mention a healthy dose of networking and making friends! This year we dive deep into how the idea of community is wholly intertwined within journalism’s DNA.  

This year’s CAJ conference takes place May 3-5 at the Radisson Hotel in downtown Winnipeg. Travel and accommodation discounts available here

We will be joined by Bettina Chang, one of the co-founders of Chicago-based City Bureau. She will give a keynote address on how her upstart organization is re-imagining local news by bringing journalists and communities together.

Ramon Escobar, vice president of recruitment at CNN will tell us how they’re tackling newsroom diversity and the challenges faced along the way.

As always, the CAJ will be continuing its tradition of offering delegates hands-on workshops lead by masters of their craft including: 

CAJ19 brings you panel discussions and hands-on workshops from industry pros including:

Angela Sterritt 

Cheryl McKenzie

Fred Vallance-Jones

Jana Pruden

Jesse Brown

Julian Sher

Sunny Dhillon

Tamara Baluja


Full speaker list here.

Sessions will dig into the essentials of local news reporting, self-care, narrative writing and data journalism. 

So whether you're a fresh-faced new grad, or a long-time staff reporter; a news entrepreneur, or a freelance writer and editor, we are certain you will return home with fresh perspectives on the role journalists can play in a democratic society.