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APTN wins CAJ Charles Bury Award

OTTAWA, April 30, 2017 /CNW/ – The Canadian Association of Journalists recognized the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network with the CAJ Charles Bury Award at its annual awards gala at the Sheraton Ottawa Hotel on April 29. The award is given under circumstances of exceptional merit to those ...

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‘Congratulations’ to Ontario’s Office of the Fire Marshal!

OTTAWA, April 30, 2017 /CNW/ – The most secretive government department in Canada, as “honoured” by the Canadian Association of Journalists at its annual awards gala at the Sheraton Ottawa Hotel on April 29, is Ontario’s Office of the Fire Marshal. The winning nomination for...

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The Code of Silence award: Call for nominations!

As #CAJ17 approaches, it's time to revive our annual tongue-in-cheek tradition, an idea with serious overtones: the Canadian Association of Journalists' Code of Silence award.  Nursed to life by past-president Rob Cribb, the idea was to "celebrate" Canada's most-secretive govern...

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#CAJ17: Learn data journalism at an intensive two-day boot camp

OTTAWA, March 30, 2017 /CNW/ - The Canadian Association of Journalists is thrilled that some of Canada’s leading data journalists will spend a weekend teaching #CAJ17 delegates how to find, analyze and tell stories with data. The CAJ has long featured data boot camps at its annual conferences...

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#CAJ17 keynote: How journalists can build trust with communities

OTTAWA, March 29, 2017 /CNW/ - The Canadian Association of Journalists is pleased to announce The Coral Project’s Andrew Losowsky will deliver a keynote address at the CAJ’s annual conference on April 29. As revenue spirals, echo chambers isolate readers and journalists, and dialogue ge...

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ProPublica’s Eric Umansky delivering keynote on objectivity at #CAJ17

ProPublica’s Eric Umansky will deliver a keynote presentation on the death of journalistic objectivity on April 28 during the Canadian Association of Journalists’ annual national conference in Ottawa. Umansky, a Pulitzer-Prize winning editor, will explain why journalists should abandon ...

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Sitting down with Canadian Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly at #CAJ17

OTTAWA, March 27, 2017 /CNW/ - The Canadian Association of Journalists is pleased to announce that Minister of Canadian Heritage Mélanie Joly will participate in a keynote question and answer session at the CAJ’s annual national conference in Ottawa on April 28. The bilingual sit-down ...

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The White House must give the press equal treatment

In response to the White House's decision to exclude certain news organizations from an informal news briefing last week, the Canadian Association of Journalists is publishing an open letter, which you can read in its entirety below. RE: The White House’s relationship with the press corps Th...

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Check out the latest Media Mag!

You might remember our New Year's message to members vowed to fight for and celebrate journalism in 2017. Well, we're going to start with a little bit of celebration. The CAJ presents its latest awards edition of Media Magazine, edited by the diligent David McKie, an investigative reporter ...

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Let’s fight for—and celebrate—journalism in 2017

Dear CAJ Supporters, As our social feeds are inundated with friends and family bidding good riddance to 2016, we can’t forget that our hard work on behalf of journalists is constant, and doesn’t pay attention to calendars turning over into new years. There will be fights—and victo...

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We get so excited about CAJ conferences every year, but this one was special. This year we celebrated 40 years of the CAJ. Forty years of providing vital advocacy and professional development on behalf of journalists—always with an eye to the future. Our delgates and presenters collaborated on valuable discussions on press freedom, freelancing, interviewing, data, ethics and more—and they networked throughout.

As journalism continues to take a hit, with layoffs piling up and continued attacks on press freedom, we know it's not easy in Canadian newsrooms. And we also know this:


So we rallied in Toronto. 

If you missed the conference, check out the #CAJ18 page and browse some of the liveblogs we offered.