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The White House must give the press equal treatment

In response to the White House's decision to exclude certain news organizations from an informal news briefing last week, the Canadian Association of Journalists is publishing an open letter, which you can read in its entirety below. RE: The White House’s relationship with the press corps Th...

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Check out the latest Media Mag!

You might remember our New Year's message to members vowed to fight for and celebrate journalism in 2017. Well, we're going to start with a little bit of celebration. The CAJ presents its latest awards edition of Media Magazine, edited by the diligent David McKie, an investigative reporter ...

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Let’s fight for—and celebrate—journalism in 2017

Dear CAJ Supporters, As our social feeds are inundated with friends and family bidding good riddance to 2016, we can’t forget that our hard work on behalf of journalists is constant, and doesn’t pay attention to calendars turning over into new years. There will be fights—and victo...

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Welcome to the new!

Dear CAJ members As our previous membership management software and website were not meeting organizational needs or allowing us to provide the kind of service CAJ members expect and deserve, we have decided to migrate our membership management and website to a different company. After a rigo...

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Mass surveillance harms the public interest: report

TORONTO, Nov. 14, 2016 /CNW/ - As it becomes clear that police forces in Canada are actively spying on journalists, and damaging freedom of the press in the process, a new report confirms that writers across Canada are so concerned about mass surveillance that some...

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Montreal police were wrong to spy on a La Presse journalist

OTTAWA, Nov. 1, 2016 — When Montreal police brazenly surveilled La Presse columnist Patrick Lagacé's cell phone, they instantly damaged press freedom in that city and across Canada, said the Canadian Association of Journalists. La Presse revealed on O...

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Newfoundland journalist should not be arrested for doing his job

OTTAWA, OCT. 28  — Journalists must be able to bear witness to events in the public interest without fear that they’ll face legal consequences just for doing their job, said the Canadian Association of Journalists in the aftermath of a protest at the worksite of the controversi...

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UNFCCC media accreditation for Rebel News Network

The letter below is a reproduction of the correspondence the CAJ sent to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. See the original letter here. Oct. 13, 2016RE: UNFCCC media accreditation for Rebel News Network Dear sir or madam, I write to you today in my capacity as ...

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CAJ condemns seizure of Journal de Montreal reporter’s computer

OTTAWA, Sept. 23, 2016 – The Canadian Association of Journalists adds its voice to those of its Quebec colleagues in criticizing the Surete de Quebec’s seizure of Michael Nguyen’s computer. The computer was seized as a result of an investigation being conducted by Quebec’s j...

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CAJ on local news: Our submission to the House of Commons

The CAJ was invited to testify at the House of Commons standing committee on Canadian Heritage on the future of local news. Read our submission below. For the rest of our testimony, click here. Thank you for inviting us to appear here today. I’m Nick Taylor-Vaisey, the president of the Canadi...

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We get so excited about CAJ conferences every year, but this one was special. This year we celebrated 40 years of the CAJ. Forty years of providing vital advocacy and professional development on behalf of journalists—always with an eye to the future. Our delgates and presenters collaborated on valuable discussions on press freedom, freelancing, interviewing, data, ethics and more—and they networked throughout.

As journalism continues to take a hit, with layoffs piling up and continued attacks on press freedom, we know it's not easy in Canadian newsrooms. And we also know this:


So we rallied in Toronto. 

If you missed the conference, check out the #CAJ18 page and browse some of the liveblogs we offered.