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(October 25, 2013)

CAJ Toronto is pleased to announce the first session of our brand new discussion series, After Deadline, which will take place on Nov.7, 2013 at 7 p.m at The Press Club.


What is After Deadline?

After Deadline is a series of curated talks designed to carry the discussion of news from behind the closed doors of the newsroom straight to the public.

That’s right – this is free event, completely open to the public. In fact, we’ll be disappointed if we only see other media people present.

Why should non-journalists come to After Deadline?

Are you curious about how journalists go about covering breaking news? Did you take issue with how a news item was reported, and want to share your [constructive] criticism?  Maybe you just really enjoy free events. In any case, we would love to have you.

What will you be discussing on Nov. 7?

Our first After Deadline session will examine the media’s coverage of the shooting death of Sammy Yatim. You can learn more about the event as well as the specific speakers in the poster above.

Where/When is After Deadline being held?

The Nov. 7, 2013 edition of After Deadline will be held at The Press Club, located at 850 Dundas St. West a 7 p.m.

The Press Club has a longstanding relationship with Toronto’s journalism community, and understands the nature of this particular discussion. They have also been kind enough to host us free of charge.

Thanks, and we look forward to seeing you there!


Your 2013/2014 CAJ Toronto Executive Council

Your 2013/2014  Toronto CAJ executive council is:

Maryam Shah

Maryam Shah
(Toronto Sun)

Linda Nguyen

Linda Nguyen (Canadian Press)

Tim Alamenciak

Tim Alamenciak (Toronto Star)

Eric Mark Do

Community Manager   
Eric Mark Do
(Ryerson University)

David Weisz

Event Coordinator David Weisz
(Global News)

Sunny Freeman

Event Coordinator Sunny Freeman
(Huffington Post Canada)






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